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Sign this petition if your interested in having a GopherCon 2016.
It will most likely take place this summer, and lots of notice will be made.
This will be a teleconference only GopherCon, but will hopefully feature
plenty of speakers, and of course participants.
The entire GopherCon teleconference will also be recorded and later available
to listen to directly from GopherSpace.
If there is at least 5-10 willing to participate in a GopherCon teleconference,
then it will go through.
Those wishing to be presenters, whom will talk about anything Gopher, will
will be-able to register as a presenter via a special GopherSpace mole.
Presenters can provide gopher resources which participants can connect to during
the GopherCon teleconference with that presenter.
For participant convenience, the conference will be accessible entirely from
GopherSpace, either by having the conference system call them on a landline/mobile
number, or through the use of a WebRTC enabled browser like OverbiteFF.
Each presentation will be fully moderated, and during the presentation, only the
presenter will be allowed to speak.  Once the presenter has completed, it will
proceed to a question and answer segment.  Participants can either voice their
questions, or use a gopher mole to provide questions during the presentation.
Of course posting questions using a gopher mole would be preferred, but as
the question is being answered, that participant will be allowed to speak
as to provide follow-up questions and to confirm that their question has been
fully answered.
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